Eagle Alpha’s Alternative Data Spotlight – Importance of Point-in-Time for Alternative Data

Explore the concept of Point-in-Time (PIT) data, which captures information at a specific moment, providing a clear snapshot distinct from ongoing or aggregated data, crucial for accurate analysis and decision-making.

2 months ago   •   15 min read

By Dallán Ryan

This article is written by Eagle Alpha in collaboration with Anju Marempudi, CEO of EventVestor. EventVestor is the premier corporate events data platform for quantitative and quantamental investors for alpha generation and risk management. You can access EventVestor’s profile on Eagle Alpha’s data platform here.

This report is broken into four sections:

  1. Section 1: What is Point-in-Time Data?
  2. Section 2: Point-in-Time as a Crucial Requirement for Quantitative Finance and Notes for Data Providers
  3. Section 3: Point-in-Time Data and Stock Identifiers
  4. Section 4: Scenarios for Investors Using Point-in-Time Data (Using EventVestor Data)

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