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Insurance Data Overview

Access to accurate and timely information is the lifeblood of the insurance industry, and alternative sources of data can contribute to success on a range of fronts including underwriting, risk mitigation, and claims management.

By Dallán Ryan
a month ago
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Alternative Data for Inflation

On our September Alpha Workshop, we were joined by expert speakers from System2, Alternative Macro Signals, and Revelio Labs to discuss the unique insights alternative data can provide into the inflation debate, particularly employment data and online news sources.

By Dallán Ryan
9 months ago
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Legal Considerations in China

In this month’s legal workshop, Ronan Crosson, Director, Data Strategy and Analytics, was joined by Ben Kozinn of Lowenstein Sandler and Marissa Dong of Jun he Law Offices to discuss legal developments in China and how it affects the global alternative data landscape.

By Dallán Ryan
a year ago