Expert Views Data

Alternative Data Category Description

Asset managers use expert views as a type of alternative data to gain additional insights into particular industries, companies, or markets that may not be readily available through other data sources. Experts can be individuals with specialized knowledge, such as industry analysts, consultants, academics, or former executives, who can offer unique perspectives. GLG is an example of an expert network that works with asset managers across various industries, including healthcare, technology, energy, and manufacturing.

Asset managers typically engage with experts via interviews, surveys, or paid consultations, and then use that information in their investment processes. Industry surveys conducted by consulting firms or trade associations can also be viewed as a traditional way of gaining expert views on market trends, customer preferences, and competitive dynamics. However, relying solely on expert views can also present risks as opinions may be subjective or biased and may not always reflect accurate market conditions or trends.

Subcategory - Credit Assessment Data

Credit data is a subcategory of alternative data that can be used to effectively forecast company KPIs or stock prices. These alternative data providers aggregate borrower credit and income data across the lending ecosystem. Other data vendors can also continuously track consumer credit lines to mirror a country’s credit population.

Subcategory - Macro Economy Data

These data vendors deliver nowcasts or forecasts of key macroeconomic variables, including GDP, industrial production, CPI, unemployment rates, etc. Some data vendors also deliver models with the primary macro factors that affect markets, such as the business cycle and inflation. Other data vendors use machine learning models to estimate inflation by analyzing news sources and blogs.

Subcategory - Expert Surveys Data

These data vendors provide complete primary research services to asset managers and consulting firms. They often specialize in specific regional markets where traditional data is not available.

Subcategory - Reviews & Ratings Data

Numerous academic studies have shown that consumers place credence in online reviews and that favorable reviews generally lead to increased sales. These data vendors specialize in aggregating reviews from all leading platforms, such as G2, Capterra, Glassdoor, etc.

Data Structure

  • Most data vendors offer the data mapped to a ticker or company. Data vendors that use or productize a derived or separate dataset typically will map the data to the ticker.
  • History can vary. Typically, at least five years of history but it can be much longer.
  • Delivery frequency can be daily/weekly going up to monthly depending on the underlying data source.
  • The data is typically delivered via platforms or by API, FTP, AWS S3.

Compliance Considerations

Personally Identifiable Information considerations are top of mind in this alternative data category. Alternative data providers need to ensure to anonymize the data and perform some level of aggregation to obfuscate the data and the individuals behind the data. If an alternative data provider obtains data from a third party, the alternative data provider needs to ensure there is no PII leakage and that the data is cleaned. Material Non Public Information should not be of concern in this alternative data category as the data is not taken from a company or have the risk of insider attributes contrary to more traditional expert networks.

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